Irene Hernandez-Blair



With the support of my family, I have decided to continue my work on the Chino Valley Unified Board of Education.

I continue to be extremely passionate about advocating for a quality education for ALL students. I know that I have more to offer if elected for another term.

I accomplished many positive things during my first four years on the Board, but there is more invaluable work to pursue on behalf of our precious Chino Valley Unified students.

Here are just a few key actions:

*Brought forth the establishment of a Committee for the Arts.

*Requested and achieved the uploading of School Board meetings onto the school district website in order to reach more stakeholders of Chino Valley Unified.

*Pursued and ensured the restoration of work hours for Special Education Aides.

*Brought together teachers, aides and district administrators for two very successful Special Education Summits.

*Supported several key items for the LCAP that offered safer campuses for students and counseling services at our Alternative Education campus.

*Strongly advocated for increased breakfast services for all school sites.

*Pursued and achieved increases to school site budgets for supplies.

*Carried the parents voice in the reduction of combo classes.

But, there is still more work to accomplish:

  • I continue to passionately advocate for the implementation of programs that will provide a positive school climate for all students attending Chino Valley Unified schools.
  •  I will pursue increased opportunities for our students not meeting achievement targets by ensuring the growth of intervention programs and other means of meeting their educational needs.
  •  I will push for a change in the current LCAP process so that all input from stakeholder groups is shared with the Board of Education in a timely manner.
  •  I will continue the discussion of restoring much need vocational classes for our students, especially because not all will pursue college after high school.
  •  Look for better methods of engaging parents, students, staff, community members and stakeholders in issues that affect us all.


Irene Hernandez-Blair for CVUSD 2016 - #1339915 * 12403 Central Ave #243  Chino  CA  91710